World Book Day 2020

Year one have been looking at the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We have listened to lots of different versions of the story by a variety of authors. On World Book Day 2020 Year one created a 3D story scene so that they could retell the story. Our challenge was to use materials of their choice to build a bridge for the goats to cross from the bare hillside to the sweet grass. Have a look at our fantastic creations!

Later on our Year five buddy class visited us and the Year one children retold the story to their Year five partners using their 3D story scenes.

‘Beat the Baggie bird’ penalty shoot out

Creating shapes

Year one are creating sequences using different body shapes. They have been practising created shapes and different heights. They have been very thoughtful about the way they move between shapes to create a flowing sequence on the mats.

Marvellous Materials

Year one have been investigated everyday objects to see what materials they are made from. They catergorised a variety of objects into groups according to what material they were made from. Year one found out that some objects were not straight forward and were made from several materials.


We also discussed how objects are made from a particular material to suit their purpose. We talked about why spoons are made from metal or plastic and not paper or fabric.


Toys Workshop

Year one had a wonderful hands-on experience learning about old toys when Cannock Chase Museum came to visit.

They explored Victorian toys and compared them to toys made today. They compared old and modern toy materials and the differences in how and where they were made.

They particularly enjoyed being able to try out some Victorian style games and toys such as hop skotch, Diablos and yo-yos.

The children finished the morning by learning a dance called ‘March of the Toys’. They pretended to be a Jack in the box, string puppets and clock work robots.

Where is my Teddy?

During Woodlanders this week Year one we’re very shocked to find a massive teddy hiding in the woods!

Then Year one thought of lots of fantastic adjectives to describe the teddy.

Then the children were challenged to create their own teddy pictures out of the Autumnal materials they found in the woods. They did a fantastic job!


This week Year one have been using part — wholes to partition numbers. We have been thinking of all the possible ways to partition a whole number into two parts. Take a look at our fabulous Maths work in the photos below!

Reading Partners

This afternoon, we joined with Year 5, our partner class, for a shared reading session.  We chose a book from the reading area to read with our partner in Year 5.  We took it in turns to read our books to each other. At the end of the session, Mr Stephens also read some of Year 5’s class book ‘The Witches’ by Roald Dahl, we enjoyed listening to a different book and sharing our books with Year 5.

Sporting challenge

This afternoon, Year 1 met with their partnership class (Year 5) to take part their first ‘Be the best you can be’ of the school year. The children were setting the starting scores ready to try and improve them next month. The children in Year 1 really enjoy working with their friends in Year 5 to help them achieve and be the best they can be.

Cheesy Snip Snap biscuits

Year 1 have been listening to ‘ The Wolf and The Three Bears’ during Class Story time. We discussed the similarities and differences to the story of ‘Goldilocks’. Year one decided that Goldilocks is a naughty character in both stories!

In the story Grandma and the Wolf are planning a party for Baby Bear’s party. Year one made ‘Cheesy snip snap’ biscuits,  just the same as the biscuits they made in the book for the party!

We talked our ingredients and discussed each step of the recipe. We focussed on repeating imperative ‘bossy’ verbs – put, stir, cut, weigh, grate, roll. We are going to write the recipe in English this week!


The children were impressed with results of their baking and thought the ‘Cheesy snip snaps’ were delicious!