Cheesy Snip Snap biscuits

Year 1 have been listening to ‘ The Wolf and The Three Bears’ during Class Story time. We discussed the similarities and differences to the story of ‘Goldilocks’. Year one decided that Goldilocks is a naughty character in both stories!

In the story Grandma and the Wolf are planning a party for Baby Bear’s party. Year one made ‘Cheesy snip snap’ biscuits,  just the same as the biscuits they made in the book for the party!

We talked our ingredients and discussed each step of the recipe. We focussed on repeating imperative ‘bossy’ verbs – put, stir, cut, weigh, grate, roll. We are going to write the recipe in English this week!


The children were impressed with results of their baking and thought the ‘Cheesy snip snaps’ were delicious!

Power Maths

Year 1 have started our Power Maths lessons. The children have been using a variety of visual materials to show different ways of making a number.

They have also been writing numbers to 10 in digits and words.

Our next challenge is to find one more and one less than a given number!

Goldilocks story maps

The children have been working hard to create story maps to help them with the retelling of Goldilocks. They enjoyed drawing a sequence of pictures in the correct order and adding key words to their story maps to support them in writing the story independently next week. Well Done Year 1!

Welcome Back!

During the first week the children came in to school to discover a very messy Crime Scene in the Year 1 classroom!

They became detectives & found several clues in the classroom – footsteps, a red ribbon & a lock of gold curly hair. They wrote their own Crime Scene reports to put all the evidence together & solve the mystery of who made the terrible mess.